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What Makes our Lenses Different?

Unlike other Blue Light filters, our lens enhancements and additives are molded & infused within the lens, so there is no need to worry about coatings that will fade away.

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The latest information from Melanin Optics

Melanin Lenses are the BEST lenses for long computer sessions.

Melanin is a natural glare-reducing agent present in the human eye that protects it from sunlight damage. 90% of light that enters the eye is absorbed by Melanin, playing a critical role in eye protection. Melanin Optics produces lenses infused with Melanin which, among many other benefits, help protect your eyes from the damaging effects of the sun.

Driving with Melanin Optics Glasses is an experience on it's own!

Just like the black paint inside a common camera, melanin in the eye reduces stray or scattered light. Overtime, UV and HEV damage to the retina, along with one’s gradual loss of melanin, limit the eye’s natural ability to reduce glare and maintain sharp contrast.

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