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What Is Melanin

About Melanin Optics

Melanin Optics designs and develops melanin-coated eyewear that helps reduce eye damage caused by harmful UVA/UVB radiation. Our eyewear filters high energy visible blue light for clearer vision and color perception. Our durable, lightweight eyewear reduces the risk of eye diseases including cataracts and age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Use of our eyewear reduces eye strain from prolonged reading or computer use. Our melanin-infused lenses also reduce 99% of glare from the sun and technology screens for brighter, clearer vision and reduced eye strain. Choose from our collection of sunglasses and readers. If you currently wear prescription eyeglasses, please consider our stylish “Over the Glasses” eyewear for protection from the sun and clearer, brighter vision. 

Meet the inventor Dr. Jim Gallas

Meet Dr. Jim Gallas, A pioneer in the study of the optical properties of melanin. Dr. Jim Gallas is a physicist and CEO of Photoprotective Technologies (PPT). Thirty years ago he began studying melanin while working on his Doctorate Degree. His thesis focused on the optical properties of melanin and how it protects the body from sunlight damage. He has several patents on the technology. 

Dr. Gallas directs the development of patents and technologies that support PPT's Mission Statement: a program to use melanin as a paradigm for developing a technology of photoprotection and blue light-filtering products such as sunglass lenses that enhance the protection and performance of vision. He has also filed patents for a rating system for computer lenses that minimize suppression of melatonin for better sleep.



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